• Toolbox gives Sqlite exceptions related with platform. What should we do?

    Embedded sqlite database is not platform independent. If it gives arhitecture related problems, you may need to compile sqlite driver on your platform. For compilation, follow the steps given at http://www.ch-werner.de/javasqlite/overview-summary.html. After driver compilation, replace the sqlite native library and sqlite.jar in the toolbox directory with the new ones.

  • What is the installation process for UTD Anonymization ToolBox ?

    There is no installation process for using UTD Anonymization ToolBox, some scripts are provided in main toolbox directory. Methods provided by the toolbox can be used by running those scripts after adjusting the provided configuration file according to requirements. The details can be found in README file that is located in toolbox main directory. In order to use UTD Anonymization Toolbox, your system should have Java Runtime Environment(JRE)1.5 or later.